Irish World Academy, University of Limerick, Liz Roche Company & Dublin Dance Festival

Welcome to the Modes of Capture Symposium 2022

This year, Modes of Capture will explore the capacity for writing to capture embodied experience in dance making.

Writing has an intimate relationship with dancemaking and serves many purposes in the creative process. It can capture dancemaking in words, but also as an additional tool or catalyst for further development in the dancemaking process. Rather than seeking to translate movement into written language, we will explore diverse ways to understand the potential alignments between dance and writing.

Seeking to interrogate this potential from a variety of perspectives, the event will take place across two live, ‘in person’ strands in 2022. Following two research-based workshops at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick in February and April, the Modes of Capture Symposium will culminate in two days of workshops and talks by international and local dance artists on each Wednesday of the Dublin Dance Festival this May.

The programme on Wed 18 May will include workshops and talks from international and local dance artists including Amala Dianor, Prof. Jools Gilson, Dr. Arudhra Krishnaswamy, Jenny Roche and Liz Roche. The second day’s programme on Wed 25 May will include a workshop led by renowned UK choreographer Jonathan Burrows in dialogue with poet and dramaturg Jessica Traynor. This day explores the potential for cross fertilisation and collaboration between modes of making and capture within choreography and poetry, questioning the role of language in the process. This workshop is open to participants from dance and/or poetry/creative writing backgrounds.


Liz Roche Company is Strategically Funded by The Arts Council