Anne-Laure Dogot

Anne-Laure Dogot , professional dancer and dance teacher from Belgium, started dancing at the age of five at Danses & Cie (Belgium). From 2006 to 2009, Anne-Laure followed a three year professional dance education at S.E.A.D (Austria). She, then, became a member of the company’s school, Bodhi Project, and toured internationally. She has worked as a free-lance dancer for the Liz Roche Company (IE), the Opéra de Paris (F), La Monnaie Opéra (BE), Luc Petit Création (BE), among others and as an intern for ROSAS/Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (BE). Anne-Laure has also been teaching dance and GYROKINESIS® in some of the main schools in Belgium and abroad such as at IPES (BE) in the high school dance program or at P.A.R.T.S Summer School (BE).