Rebecca Hilton

Rebecca Hilton (1964-) is an Australian born artist living in Stockholm. Her practices include dancing, performing, choreographing, teaching, writing and talking. Over three and a half decades she has contributed to the work of a range of artists including Russell Dumas, Stephen Petronio, Mathew Barney, Michael Clark, Tere O’Connor, Jennifer Monson, John Jasperse, Lucy Guerin, Tino Sehgal, Xavier Le Roy, Scarlet Yu, Chrysa Parkinson, among others.

Her ongoing project, GROUPNESS, manifests as  a series of experiments researching relationships between embodied practices, oral traditions and choreographic systems. Her research environments include universities, hospitals, dance companies, community based organisations, friendship circles and family groups.

She is artistic researcher in residence atthe Malarbacken Residential Elder Care Centre as part of DöBra (Good Death), a decade-long, nation-wide research program exploring relationships to death and dying in Sweden.

Rebecca is a Professor of Choreography for the research area SITE EVENT ENCOUNTER at the Stockholm University of the Arts.