Anne-Laure Dogot | Re[connecting]

Movement Response



First of all, I really wanted to get out of my apartment and explore how dance feels like in my body, in this moment, outside.

I directly wanted to explore ideas and sensations of «reembodying old work». And my first desire was to dive again in «Näher». Simply as being my first creation with Liz Roche.

Examples of Näher : running up and down the stairs, shoes, movements, drawing of the black board on the ground

I also thought of archiving and how iving instant moments bring some kind of archiving in the air. They live some traces out here/out there even if we don’t see it afterwards. And that’s also why, using Mother Earth (as being outside and connecting to nature with birds sounds, dirt, grass, …), I could acknowledge this topic. Earth is some living creature that is an archive by itself. Whatever lives out there leave visible or unvisble traces. And whatever we take in from that, we have it with us, as an archive.  So putting myself out there was a way to connect to this archive and become an instant archive moment on its own.

Finally, I felt like exploring the idea of getting closer to a dancer’s creation process. My improvisation being the creation on the moment, the camera was the tool to capture closer aspects of these moments. Sense of being closer in times like what we are going through. Sense of observing closer body parts of a dancer. Sense of definition of dance : from a walk to a run to movements to dancing movements. From casual to expressed body language.