Anne-Laure Dogot | SideUpward

Movement Response



We had to urge to explore the social distancing and transmission within two bodies. Of course, the current situation highlighted this interest.

How do we get influenced by another body part ? How can we have a conversation with two bodies ? What is transmitted from a dancer to another one ? What can we learn from each other ?

How does it feel to touch again ?

Our contribution to dance, now, was to show from different perspectives our sensations and movements, starting from the core (when the camera shoots upward, for instance). And where those inner feelings would take us.

The piano is a slight reference to Näher. It was added after the improvisations but suddenly felt like a layer contributing to the dance. Brahms’ music is a lyrical input that just felt like a gift to this instant composition.

Memories are like archives. We questionned on how to bring that into our screen captures.  We inserted reverse sections to connect to that. It’s a way to « relive » the moment. To connect again.

Presented in collaboration with José Paulo dos Santos