Charles Koroneho | The Hovering Community – Performance, Presentation and Workshop

Live Workshop

The ‘’Hovering Community” explores poetic citizenship and the new territories for indigenous creativity in the age of global crisis.

Distance and proximity are the conditions of our pandemic days. Join our exchange of poetic precipitation, a virtual cycle of matter, substance and data rising and falling within an augmented digital ecosystem. Are we transformed virtual beings, new sky citizens of the “Hovering Community” territory of distance and proximity desire? Is this a new space to meet our ancestors, to share spaces of presence?

Our ancestors were space shifters, travellers; dematerializing and rematerializing from one place to another, jumping from mountain to mountain, walking on the seafloor between islands, claiming skies and air as land and ocean, they traversed the very dream lands that are still a mystery for us.

Now, we travel the globe in an instant, our particles transformed and bodies reassembled, our voices calling reengineered by satellite beings. Are we now closer to the potential of our ancestors, can we occupy these new spaces?

Are virtual spaces for indigenous communities, the colonised and the dispossessed?

Performance, Presentation and Workshop Structure

The “Hovering Community” will be facilitated on the Zoom Platform. Workshop participants will gather in a waiting room before entering the workshop, video and microphones will be disabled. On entering the workshop, a “live performance” by Charles Koroneho will be shared to participant screens.

  • Stage 1- Live Performance / Presentation by Charles Koroneho.
  • Stage 2 – Revealing the “Hovering Community”, workshop concepts.
  • Stage 3 – Exploratory workshop will be conducted in zoom rooms, an invitation to practice, perform and engage. They are un-facilitated, experimental, shared practice spaces that are negotiated and observed between those occupying the rooms.
  • Stage 4 – Discussion and reflection.



Important Preparation Required for Participation in the Workshop

The Hovering Community Workshop invites participants to join rooms which are exploratory, un-facilitated, experimental, shared practice spaces that are negotiated, witnessed and observed. It is an invitation to practice, perform and engage.

To participate fully in the exploratory aspect of this workshop participants are required to have the use of and access to two internet ready devices. A device for the main Zoom interface (ie. a personal computer) and a secondary device (smart-phone or tablet). As part of the technical preparation, your two devices are required to be cast or activated for screen mirroring. However, participation in the exploratory workshop is also possible via observation and interaction

Please see full workshop information and technical set-up below or download the pdf here.



The ‘’Hovering Community’’ Workshop Information


Pre-Workshop Preparation

Make a selection of material objects, writings, images, sounds and artistic influences that may represent your cultural and or creative identity. Your selections could contain family or tribal histories, the remnants of past performance works, your preferred concepts or theories, the culturally sacred and or ideas that you are currently working with. Consider the cultural, performance and ceremonial body. How have you been trained, what restrictions do you place on the use of your body in performance? Do you employ language, poetry, singing as a form of exploring and expressing movement and or dance? Have you marked your body, do you utilize personal adornments, jewellery, feathers, leaves, pigment, clay or tattoo?

Please consider your selections may be subject to access and availability, try choosing materials able to be gathered within the short time frame leading up to the workshop. What you decide to bring to the exploratory workshop is the most important aspect of your contribution and participation. Your choices can be meaningful, abstract, obscure, or playful, it’s up to you!

To participate in the exploratory component of the workshop participants are required to have the use of and access to two internet ready devices. A device for the main Zoom interface (ie. a personal computer) and a secondary device (smart phone or tablet).

Links – Casting/screen mirroring for PC, phone/tablet and a YouTube tutorial.

As part of the technical preparation, your two devices are required to be ‘cast or activated for screen mirroring’. If you are working on a Mac and your secondary device is an iPhone/iPad, Zoom has a Mac configured screen mirroring option in its share screen function.

For Windows and Android devices a cross-platform casting or screen mirroring software is required to activate casting in the Zoom share screen function. For this to work, download and install the LetsView app from on your personal computer and on your secondary device via the App Store or the PlayStore by searching for the mobile LetsView app.

Please follow this step-by-step tutorial by tech youtuber Kevin Stravert, to learn how to cast or screen mirroring from your iPhone or Android phone to your Windows or Mac personal computer.  LetsView –

If you do not have access to two devices, participation in the exploratory workshop is possible via observation and interaction.

Workshop Structure


All workshop participants will gather in a Zoom waiting room, before entering the workshop, video and microphones will be disabled. Participants will enter the workshop via a single shared screen.

Stage 1

Live Presentation – by Charles Koroneho

Stage 2

Revealing the “Hovering Community”, restoring access and Zoom functions.

Sharing the concepts of the workshop, exchanging some of the approaches of the “Live Presentation” and the technical set-up for exploring the workshop.

Stage 3

After technical set-up and discussions, we will continue with an exploratory workshop. Participants will be placed in one of five Zoom rooms for a duration of twenty minutes. A notification will be sent to the rooms before participants are relocated to a new room until the cycle of transitory spaces is completed.

Room 1: ĀKAU – Earth | Sky | Ocean | Human

Room 2: TŪĀHU – Platform | Altar | Tableau

Room 3: TINANA – Body | Sentience | Presence

Room 4: WHE – Sound | Consciousness | Frequency

Room 5: ĀHUA – To Form | Appearance | Condition

The “rooms are exploratory, un-facilitated, experimental, shared practice spaces that are negotiated, witnessed and observed. It is an invitation to practice, perform and engage.

Stage 4

Discussion and reflection – The ‘’Hovering Community’’




Charles Koroneho works in the fields of performance and culture. He created Te Toki Haruru (est 1997) to explore cultural collaboration and the intersection between dance, theatre, visual arts and design. His projects are presented as performances, research workshops and arts collaborations exploring the collision between Maori cosmology, New Zealand society and global cultures.

Koroneho is a founding member of Te Kanikani o Te Rangatahi, a graduate of the New Zealand School of Dance and Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland. He has performed extensively in New Zealand and abroad with Te Toki Haruru, MAU, Royal New Zealand Ballet Company and worked in collaboration with Min Tanaka, Guillermo Gomez-Pena and La Pocha Nostra.

Koroneho shares his vision of dance and performance by providing movement, improvisation classes and creative workshops for dancers, actors and performance artists. He supports the arts community as a choreographer, collaborative director, cultural consultant and mentor.

Charles Koroneho was awarded The Arts Foundation of New Zealand Arts Laureate for Dance, 2014. He was appointed Adjunct Professor 2017 -18, HOD Contemporary Dance Program 2020, Faculty of Creative Industries, Unitec Institute of Technology.