Lucia Kickham | Yellow on Grey

Movement Response

Notes on Improvisation 1: Yellow on Grey

(related to dancer sensibilities, what remains, distillation, instant archiving)

Activation – Enter/Exit – Gravel & Meat – Displacement – Invitation.

Listening and waiting, slippery but sinewy. Openness of joints and giving in to gravity. Spots screaming for attention, sequencing from one to the next. Neck tendons stretch from sky to ground, diagonally extending, catch. Interrupted by the knee, hip, drop, next. Balloon like volumes supported and airy. Angles don’t last long.

Can you arrive in movement? Don’t let limbs drop in arrival. The energy supports the arrival but it is still alive not held. Let yourself be surprised about where the pathway really pauses.

Meaty heaviness, gritty. What if the whole body behaved as the quad muscles, a power muscle extending…

Isolated and global displacement. Follow the explosion until the next event occurs but don’t create one just to escape. Dig.

Playful and measured.

Shift Shift Stay. Wait. Watch and change. Be patient. Hold, go! Make decisions. Not knowing is the thing, the inbetweenness. Commit to the finding. Everything before this is hesitant.


Instructions for viewing:

Suggested viewing is Video One on laptop and Video Two on mobile phone. Mobile phone (landscape mode) can be placed or held for the 9 minute duration at any desired distance from the laptop screen. Ideally with the right hand sides of both devices aligned.

Press play at the same time on both devices.

Video One is the full improvisation and can be viewed alone without missing anything.