Workshop 2 – Day 2 with Dr Róisín O’Gorman

Day 2 – Session 2 –

Moving words and writing bodies: care and craft in writing and moving practices.

Our second 2-day workshop, led by Dr Roisin O’Gorman, will experiment with the relationships and distinctions between writing and moving. We will trace the extended choreographic possibilities of the physical practices of writing and we will move in ways that extend our writing and wrighting; that is, how we care and craft between words and bodies, how we navigate the distances between experience and imagination, being and doing, sensing and motoring. We will move to write and write to move together in shared spaces and collaborative processes. We will play with what writing does to moving and how moving is always at the heart of writing, no matter the direction or the task at hand (whether we write up/down/in/out). Depending on the shared interests and directions of our explorations we will also consider our associations with the written word and how it archives or resists the experience of the moving, dancing body. Further we can explore what the potency of language offers movement and how we can move with and beyond the limits of writing, unfurling the palimpsests of bodies as we go.