Alys Longley

Alys Longley

Interdisciplinary Performance Maker, Teacher & Writer

Alys Longley is an interdisciplinary performance maker, teacher and writer. Her interests span artistic research, performance writing, interdisciplinary projects, art and ecology and narrative research.  Her work has been performed in NZ, Australia, Germany, Austria, UK, Chile, and Portugal. Alys’s books The Foreign Language of Motion (2014) and Radio Strainer (2016) are published by Winchester University Press (UK). She is the creator of Smudge Skittle: A Little Inventory of Resources Entangling Creative Practice Research and Writing (2018) and co-editor of the books Artistic Approaches to Cultural Mapping; Activating Imaginaries and Means of Knowing (Routledge, 2018) and Undisciplining Dance (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2018). Alys is an Associate Professor in the Dance Studies Programme, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Alys Longley | A Tilting Body of Precarious Maps & Migrant Constellations (Interactive Digital Exhibition) with Máximo Corvalán-Pincheira, Macarena Campbell Parra, Kate Stevenson + Q&A

Live Performance

The Mapeo de Bordes Porosos (Mapping Porous Borders) project (led by Alys Longley, NZ, Macarena Campbell Parra, Chile, and Máximo Corvalán-Pincheira, Chile, with Kate Stevenson and Chris White of DotDot Studios, NZ-US) present an interactive digital exhibition, presenting material from two entwined artistic research projects, Beberemos El Vino Nuevo, Juntos! (Let us Drink the new […]