Jessica Rajko

Jessica Rajko

Interdisciplinary Scholar/Practitioner

Jessica Rajko is an interdisciplinary scholar/practitioner who applies critical feminist approaches to research at the intersection of somatically-informed dance and human-computer interaction design. Her most recent research investigates how and why dance-based practices and choreographic knowledge are integrated, adopted, and at times appropriated within computing research. This research is part of a larger collaborative initiative to scope out the needs, practices, and desires of research at the intersection of dance and computing.

Jessica is an Assistant Professor at Wayne State University in dance and big data analytics. She has presented and performed in various collaborative artworks nationally and internationally, including Amsterdam’s OT301, Toronto’s Scotiabank Nuit Blanche festival and New York City’s Gotham Festival at The Joyce Theatre. Jessica has been invited to present her research at several transdisciplinary institutional programs such as Harvard’s Digital Futures Consortium, UPenn’s Price Lab for Digital Humanities, and University of New Mexico’s ART Lab. She is currently conducting collaborative research within Dance Computing Studies – an emerging field and international community of artists/scholars concerned with the ethical and aesthetic dimensions of movement analysis and representation.

Dance Data (dis)appearance – Jessica Rajko, Kirk Woolford, Shantel Ehrenberg, Sidonie Carey – Green + Q&A


Presenting perspectives on the invisible labour of dancers, the erasure of the body through technology, the risks of techno-transcendence and the phenomenon of the body as data. Rajko’s presentation will explore one facet of research at the intersection of dance and computing by discussing how dancer labor is(n’t) discussed and publicly presented in various computing […]