Kévin Coquelard

Kévin Coquelard


Kévin Coquelard began dance and theatre in France. In 2008, he entered the Conservatoire de Paris where he danced in choreographies by Hofesh Schecter and Itzik Galili. Kévin made his Irish debut with John Scott in 2013, performing in widely including in New York, Paris and Dublin. Since, he has also performed for Philip Connaughton, Catherine Young, Maria Nilsson Waller, Liz Roche, Jenny Roche, Emma Martin and Theater Lovett.

His first solo, “Le somnanbule” won the Public’s Final Choice Award and the 2nd Prize of Dance in the 22nd Solo Tanz Festival in Stuttgart in March 2018.

Kévin Coquelard | Clumsy

Movement Response

Since lockdown started, I’ve been uncomfortable rediscovering how my body moves. For my first impro, I decided to exaggerate this feeling.I created a character with an unstable body who discovers what he can do, even with all his clumsiness.