Róisín O’Gorman

Róisín O’Gorman

Lecturer - Department of Theatre at University College Cork

Dr. Róisín O’Gorman lectures in the Department of Theatre at University College Cork.

Her current research explores modes of embodiment and corporeality as transdisciplinary epistemologies. Her work articulates the joint space between creative arts practice and traditional scholarship interweaving practice as a Somatic Movement Educator along with creative arts practice and traditional scholarship.  This work results in arts-based research projects, community projects, essays in international journals, book chapters and video essays which develop conceptual knowledge alongside affective and feminist imaginaries. Recently this included explorations of human remains of the uncared for dead as part of the research team on the Wellcome funded and award winning project, Living Well with the Dead in Contemporary Ireland(2018-19).

For further information see http://research.ucc.ie/profiles/A027/rogorman 

Introduction & Welcome


Introduction and welcome to Modes of Capture 2021 by curators Jenny Roche, Róisín O’Gorman and Liz Roche.