Susan Sentler

Susan Sentler

Dance Artist & lecturer at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

Susan Sentler, BA, MACP is a dance artist working as maker/choreographer, teacher, researcher, director and performer. She has taught globally in the field of dance for over 30 years. Susan’s creative, pedagogic and research practice is interdisciplinary, anchored by a honed somatic relationship to image.

She works in gallery/museum contexts creating ‘responses’ or ‘activations’ within exhibitions as well as durational installations orchestrating moving/still image, objects, sound and absence/presence of the performing body.

Her work has been exhibited and performed in the UK, USA, Europe, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

She currently lectures at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore.

Glenna Batson & Susan Sentler | Somatic An-archiving – The inter-fold of presence and absence


Sentler and Batson will investigate a mode of an-archiving through an improvisatory process called Human Origami, somatic iterations on bodily folding. Each participant will use his/her/their digital screen as mover-cum-curator/captor. The score will centre on the theme of edge, angle and light. The improviser will constrain the set up so as to produce raw (unedited) […]